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Creating an Exceptional Customer Service Experience: Do's and Don'ts

As a business owner, it's crucial that you create an exceptional customer service experience. After all, your customers are the lifeblood of your company.

But what does it take to deliver an exceptional customer service experience?And more importantly, what should you avoid doing?

In this post, we'll share five ways to create an exceptional customer service experience, as well as four mistakes to avoid.

Creating an Exceptional Customer Service Experience: Do's and Don'ts
Customer Service Experience

Do Empathize With the Customer

When a customer is upset, your natural instinct might be to jump in and start defending yourself or your company. But that's the wrong thing to do.

Instead, try to put yourself in the customer's shoes. Empathize with them. Let them know that you understand their frustration and that you're sorry they had such a terrible experience.

Expressing genuine empathy will help diffuse the situation and might even make the customer more forgiving. Plus, it shows that you care about your customers and their satisfaction.

Do Take Responsibility

When something goes wrong, it's easy to point the finger elsewhere. But as a business owner, you need to take responsibility for the customer service experience your company provides.

This means being proactive and doing everything you can to make sure your customers are happy. It also means being responsive when things do go wrong. Address the issue immediately and take steps to make it right.

Your customers will appreciate the fact that you're taking responsibility for your mistakes and that you're doing everything you can to make things right.

Do Be Patient

One of the most important things you can do when providing customer service is to be patient.

Some customers are going to be more demanding than others, and some are going to ask more questions. But it's always important to remember that you're the one in control. You're in charge of the conversation, and you can take your time in answering questions and addressing concerns.

It's also important to be patient with yourself. It takes time to learn how to provide exceptional customer service, and you're not going to get it right every time. Just remember to keep learning and adapting, and you'll get there.

Do Be Knowledgeable

When it comes to providing exceptional customer service, one of the most important things you can do is be knowledgeable about your products and services.

Your customers will appreciate the effort you put into answering their questions and helping them find the right solutions. And the more knowledgeable you are, the more easily you'll be able to help them.

So make sure you're familiar with your products inside and out, and always be prepared to offer your customers the best possible service.

Do Offer a Solution

When a customer reaches out to you with a problem, it's important to offer them a solution as soon as possible. By doing this, you're showing them that you're on their side and you want to help them fix the issue.

It can be tricky to know the right thing to say in these situations, but try not to get defensive or make excuses. Be polite and apologetic, and take the time to understand the customer's problem. Then do whatever you can to help them out.

Ultimately, your goal should be to leave the customer feeling satisfied and happy. If you can do this, they'll be more likely to come back and recommend your business to others.

Don't Make the Customer Feel Like They Are Bothering You

When a customer reaches out to you, the last thing they want to feel is that they're bothering you. So always make sure you're prompt in responding to them, and be sure to address them by name.

And if you can't help them with their request, don't just brush them off. Offer to refer them to someone who can. The bottom line is that you want the customer to feel like they're your top priority, and that you're happy to help them in whatever way you can.

Don't Be Condescending

Don't be condescending. When you're speaking to your customers, never talk down to them or act like you're superior. Remember, they're the ones who are paying your bills.

Be respectful and courteous, and always be prepared to listen to what they have to say. If you can show that you genuinely care about their needs, they'll be more likely to return in the future. And that's what we all want, right?

Don't Be Vague

When you're answering a customer's question, it's important to be clear and concise. Don't be vague. If you don't know the answer, don't try to guess, just tell them that you'll find out and get back to them.

And never, ever, make up an answer. That's just going to lead to confusion and frustration on the part of the customer. They're already frustrated enough as it is! Be patient and helpful, and walk them through the problem step-by-step if you need to.

Don't Refuse to Help

Don't refuse to help a customer, even if they're asking for something that you can't provide. It's always better to offer assistance and then refer them to someone who can help them than to just brush them off.

Think about it this way, if you're the one who refused to help, then that's the last interaction that customer is going to have with your brand. And you definitely don't want that. They might tell their friends or post something negative about your brand on social media.

But if you refer them to someone who can help them, then you've created a positive experience for that customer and they're more likely to come back in the future. Plus, they might even tell their friends about how great your customer service is.

To Sum Up

You're in charge of creating an exceptional customer service experience, here are the dos and don'ts.


  • Be personal.
  • Treat them like people, not just transactions.
  • Make yourself available.
  • Listen more than you talk.
  • Smile.


  • Be robotic or impersonal.
  • Ignore them.
  • Make them wait too long.
  • Be condescending.
  • Rush them.