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Car Insurance Quotes MN

Cheapest Car Insurance MN

Car insurance quotes MNWhen looking for auto insurance quotes in Minnesota, be sure you are buying at least minimum coverage that meets the state of Minnesota's laws. For most Minnesotans, State Farm offers the lowest auto insurance rates for minimally-covered cars. In comparison, USAA and Farmers were the lowest-rated insurers for Minnesota drivers with clean records. The cheapest car insurance that we found for drivers with recent drunk driving records comes from the following companies, listed with rates for comprehensive coverage.

To find the best car insurance companies in Minnesota, Forbes Advisor used rates from Quadrant Information Services, a provider of insurance data and analytics. The average full-coverage car insurance rate in Minnesota is $2,109 a year, or $176 a month, although you can find cheap insurance and more affordable rates by comparing quotes. The average Minnesota driver needs to pay $1,199 a year, or roughly $100 per month, for car insurance coverage. 

Best Car insurance quotes MN
Car insurance quotes MN

Minnesota car insurance requirements

Every driver in Minnesota needs to know the car insurance laws of the state in order to make sure that he or she has adequate insurance. When looking at the Minnesota car insurance laws, you should know the types of insurance you should be carrying, and the amount of insurance that you should be carrying, in order to ensure your safety and that of others. Minnesota car insurance laws were created to keep you and other drivers on the road protected if one of you gets in an accident. Minnesota drivers are required to have automobile insurance, which legally protects them from liability in general as well as financial.


Many drivers lack the financial means to cover costs associated with car accidents, which is why Minnesota requires that its drivers carry auto insurance in order to try and cover certain costs associated with accidents. Auto insurance can protect you against the financial costs of a crash or injury, but you must have the right insurance. Under-insured Motorists Insurance (UIM) covers the costs of health care when you are struck by a driver who does not have sufficient liability coverage to cover your injuries in an accident.    


The State of Minnesota requires that all drivers carry liability insurance, Uninsured/Under-insured Motorist Coverage, and Personal Injury Protection (PIP). Under Minnesota's No-Fault Law, all drivers in Minnesota are required to have non-fault/personal injury protection (PIP), liability, and uninsured/under-insured coverage. The State of Minnesota is a No-Fault State, meaning even if you are not at fault in the crash, you are required to exhaust your insurance policy before being paid out by the insurance provider of the driver who is at fault. Minnesota is a no-fault state, meaning your insurer -- when properly insured -- will cover your medical expenses (and those of your passengers) and lost income from injuries caused by car accidents.    


Because any expenses that are not covered by your insurance benefits are still your responsibility, some drivers opt to purchase more than the minimum car insurance required in Minnesota. Keep in mind, that some drivers will purchase the minimum amount of insurance required by their car loan provider and by the state in order to keep the premium amount as low as possible. 


Auto insurance is required by Minnesota law, and if you have a car loan, it is likely your lender also requires insurance. Minnesota drivers considering minimal insurance coverage also need to be aware that liability-only insurance does not provide any protection to your car. In Minnesota, minimum auto insurance involves meeting a minimum insurance requirement set by the state, which is composed of 30/60/10 liability insurance, PIP protection, and UM and UIM coverage.


Car insurance quotes MN

In Minnesota, the average comprehensive car insurance policy costs $1,582 annually, while the average minimal insurance policy costs $522 annually. Drivers who buy the lowest car insurance rates in Minnesota pay the lowest rates. Minimum coverage is the lowest amount of insurance coverage that you can carry and still legally drive. Minnesota's statutory coverage limits offer a fair amount of coverage, but it's always wise to buy more coverage than is required by law in the state in which you are driving.    


Minnesota as mandatory insurance limit is 30/60/10 for liability coverage, meaning drivers are required to have insurance coverage for $30,000 for personal injuries, $60,000 for personal injuries for each crash, and $10,000 for property damages per crash. Yes, drivers in Minnesota are required to have coverage against uninsured and under-insured motorists for personal injuries, up to $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. Minnesota's minimum liability limits are expressed as 30/60/10, meaning that each driver must carry at least $30,000 per person for physical injuries or deaths and $60,000 per accident. A vehicle is considered under-insured when all the insurance is there, but the limits are insufficient to cover all of your expenses.    


Car accidents can be expensive, and Minnesota's minimum insurance requirements do not ensure the total costs of a collision caused by someone else. No matter where you live or drive in Minnesota, having proper auto insurance is both a legal requirement and common sense protection.

State Farm car insurance MN

I am your local State Farm Insurance agent in Detroit Lakes, MN, and the surrounding communities of Hawley, Audubon, Lake Park, Otter Tail, Detroit, Vegas, Rochert, and Frazee. Since opening my State Farm Agency in Detroit Lakes, I have enjoyed every opportunity to help others obtain the coverage they need to ensure they and their loved ones are covered, no matter what life throws at them.    


When you are injured in an automobile accident caused by a driver holding State Farm Auto Insurance Policy A State Farm Auto Insurance Policy, you are probably wondering what damages and injuries their policy covers. While requiring this can benefit an insurance company, it can negatively affect the victims of accidents that are injured or suffered property damage from drivers who have State Farm auto insurance policies.    


What is the cheapest insurance in MN?Examples of the types of coverage provided under collision insurance include paying for car repairs and replacement. Drivers can also find reasonably priced insurance through American Family, Geico, and Allstate - although these companies have an average cover price of $374 higher than the rate offered by State Farm. For most Minnesotans, State Farm offers the lowest auto insurance rates for minimally-coverage cars.

GEICO car insurance quote

Comparing auto insurance quotes through an insurance marketplace such as Policy genius helps you find companies that provide the best coverage at the best price so that you can feel confident in the policy you choose. Based on our analysis of auto insurance costs at some of the largest companies, drivers with bad credit could save over $1,300 a year on auto insurance by comparing quotes from multiple companies before choosing a policy.    


Not all companies charge the same amount for insurance, so the same driver will receive different quotes -- sometimes hundreds of dollars per year -- from various auto insurers. If you are looking for a car policy that has the most basic coverage, according to our rate analysis, Progressive and Geico are the auto insurers that have the lowest auto insurance premiums. For most Minnesotans, State Farm offers the lowest car insurance rates for minimally-covered car insurance.    


Our study found that Minnesota car insurance from State Farm offered lower average rates and more comprehensive coverage options. Young drivers with an accident history in Minnesota may be able to find a better auto insurance premium rate from State Farm, which offers a $3,540 annual full-coverage rate to licensed agents from We found that young drivers with a clean driving record in Minnesota looking for the lowest rates for full coverage insurance were with Geico. Minnesota drivers with felony DWI convictions on their driving records may be able to find the cheapest coverage from GEICO, which provides a licensed agent a $2,625 annual rate, or $218 per month, for full coverage.    


At $1,468 per year, Auto-Owners provides Minnesota's cheapest auto insurance for drivers needing full coverage, or 29% cheaper than the state's average rate of $2,048 per year. In Minnesota, an older driver pays $1,212 annually, on average, for auto insurance coverage, compared with $1,199 for an average driver. Cause a crash injuring another person and you will pay $950 more per year on average for Minnesota car insurance rates. In Minnesota, regional insurers such as Shelter, Auto-Owners Insurance, and Farm Bureau Mutual can offer lower rates than nationwide companies such as Allstate, Geico, and Travelers, and they also have comparable customer satisfaction ratings. Everyone knows your driving habits and claim history impact the amount of money you pay in car insurance.    

NerdWallet car insurance quote


NerdWallet chose these companies for their lower rates and their availability across several states, but you might have more affordable auto insurance options where you live. Major insurers offer discounts for car insurance to service members, and so do specialty companies that only work with service members and veterans. 

Common auto insurance discounts include discounts for being a safe driver, a student discount, buying auto and home insurance with the same company, paying in full, paying online, insuring a newer car, having specific safety features, having more than one vehicle on a policy, continuing to cover with the same company for multiple years, having a clean driving record for a certain number of years, and driving fewer miles.

Average annual rates for minimum coverage Companies Average annual cost difference between minimum and full coverage car insurance rates from the largest companies Allstate $759 $1,622 Farmers $656 $1,174 Geico $380 $888 Progressive $577 $985 State Farm $550 $941 USAA* $419 $751 Smaller companies Cheaper car insurance rates Secura $287 $536 MMG $309 $530 Hastings Mutual $419 $491 Enumclaw Mutual $469 $613 Central Insurance $491 $599 USAA* Available only to military, veterans and military families.

Which car insurance plan is best

The best auto insurance companies in the market do more than just offer excellent coverage and convenient payments. Even the cheapest auto insurance companies might not have the best car insurance rates for people in your situation. When shopping for auto insurance, look for a company that is financially sound, and able to offer the best coverage, services, and value within your price range. Auto insurers consider the requirements of car insurance, along with other factors, when determining the price of your policy.    


If you are buying a new car or you are looking to purchase car insurance, it is likely that you need to know about the general types of coverage that are available in car insurance policies. When shopping for auto insurance, you will need a few basics about yourself, your car, and other drivers listed on your policy. If you are shopping for car insurance, knowing about different types of car insurance and what they cover is an important step to getting a policy that is right for you. Most car insurance companies offer a lot of different policies with varying coverage options covering different damages and risks, so your first step should be determining what your risks are and how they are covered.    


Most drivers carry full insurance, but the percentage of drivers that carry that insurance can vary from state to state. In a state such as New Hampshire, which does not require automobile insurance, those who purchase policies on their own initiative might be more likely to buy as much coverage as they can afford, which would include comprehensive coverage. As a general rule, comprehensive policies that have both comprehensive and collision coverage are worthwhile if your car's current value is greater than your increase in your annual premium, plus the deductible.    

How much is car insurance in MN per month?

Our rates estimates suggest that a good driver pays around $1,013 a year in premiums with USAAs full coverage auto insurance. Our rate estimates also show good drivers paying about $1,397 per year for full coverage with Progressive, putting Progressive right behind Geico and State Farm in terms of affordability.    


Progressive was the first car insurance provider to offer safe driver discounts, making the company an excellent choice for individuals with a good driving record looking for a cheaper auto insurance option. While State Farm does offer discounts available for driving well or being car-free, many people will be happy to learn that the company keeps rates lower, on average, even after a crash*, making it one of the best auto insurance companies for drivers working on improving their driving record or habits. We chose State Farm as one of the best auto insurance companies in the country partly due to the usage-based, safe-driving discounts that State Farm offers young drivers.    


Hartford is the most expensive insurer among the best auto insurance companies on Bankrate's list, Hartford also offers an Advantage program, which allows drivers to lock their annual premiums in for the entire year, and receive benefits such as cover for household services that may not be available after a crash, such as a snow-removal service provider. Allstate offers an array of auto insurance discounts that, depending on your circumstances, can easily make it the most affordable car insurance policy coverage option for many motorists. Geico offers reliable service, a broad range of coverage options, and cheaper auto insurance rates, according to our rate estimates.    


Keep in mind, that an extended-coverage policy may be cheaper than you thought since Progressive Casualty Ins offers a variety of discounts that help you get cheaper, comprehensive auto insurance. To get a better sense of what you would pay in each state, NerdWallet broke down the rates of full coverage for 35-year-old drivers with good credit and no recent accidents, DWIs, or moving violations. We evaluated these companies by the number of direct premiums written in the past year, their A.M. Best ratings, their market shares, and the aggregated market share for personal passenger vehicle insurance nationwide. Many lenders, agents, and auto dealers describe full-coverage car insurance as liability plus comprehensive and collision.